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Proper understanding and valuation of future medical care is critical to the success of your settlement.

Medical Settlement Specialists (MSS) provides strategic Future Medical Settlement Valuations in cases of all sizes regardless of Medicare involvement.

Using our services allows you save time, easily assess case value, determine carrier exposure, and develop reasonable settlement strategies.

What MSS can do to help you:

Know the medical exposure and settle with confidence

MSS will help you PREPARE the Medical Claim:

  • Provide accurate cost of future medical care/carrier exposure
  • Identify future medical care requirements, including that which may be disputed
  • Identify proper Medicare/nonMedicare allocations
  • Identify medical evidence to support your position

Our FMSV Include:

  • Future Medical Cost Projections
  • Mini Life Care Plans
  • Medicare Set Aside Consultations/Reviews
  • Quick return, limited item reviews
  • Catastrophic Life Care Plans
  • Bulk settlements

MSS will help you PROTECT your case position:

  • Enhance your understanding of medical strengths and weaknesses
  • Valuations are supported by Medicare and/or state regulations and treatment guidelines

  • Ability to proactively plan settlement strategies

  • We provide information that contributes to your ability to know the medical facts of your case, educate your client accordingly, and document the responsibility and care exercised in assessing the medical value of the claim.

MSS will PROVIDE reasonable options for Future Medical settlement:

  • Helps you understand the difference between the Applicant & Defense cost projections
  • Allows you to approach settlement knowing the “big picture”
  • Enhances your ability to educate your client about the pros and cons of settling the medical claims
  • Support during settlement proceedings
  • Alliances with other consultants offer a wide range of settlement options

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